Find your roots or grow new ones. Druidry, collectively along with many other earth based spiritualities is a worldwide movement to find spiritual, emotional and philosophical allies within Nature as well as connect with likeminded people.

“Becoming a Druid is a life-long task. Indeed, many say that the work of being a Druid is a constant process of becoming, of reaching the archetype of strength, wisdom, clarity, invulnerability, and gentle humanity, together with an understanding of nature at its rawest edges. We stretch through our souls to the essence of life, to the spirit that vitalizes, to the gods that empower us, in search of inspiration.” -Emma Restall Orr, Principles of Druidry

“Modern humanity’s sense of alienation lies in the fact that we have cut ourselves adrift from both the natural world and from the roots of our past.”

 -Philip Carr-Gomm

“Druidry is loving nature, and allowing that love to inspire you to live your life accordingly.” -Joanna Vander Hoeven