List of Druidry or Celtic Pagan groups from around the world. Northern Europe Denmark: International Grand Lodge Iceland: International Grand Lodge Norway: International Grand Lodge Sweden: International Grand Lodge Circle of Yggdrasil Seed Group Red Mountain Seed Group Switzerland: International Grand Lodge Artio Seed Group Central Europe Austria: Danu Grove Germany: International Grand Lodge Erienhain am Donnersberg Lindovicer Grove Nemeton Dearraich Barenwald… Continue reading Connect

Seasonal Celebrations

Samhain Approaching

As I sit here, writing this, the rain taps at the window, the wind howling down the street, carrying with it the scent of winter and the first of the autumn leaves. The sky is fast moving and furious – low dark grey clouds set amidst a backdrop of pure white/grey.  The central heating has… Continue reading Samhain Approaching

Discussion, Environmentalism

What Do We Hope to Build?

Where do I see Paganism in 50 years’ time? Hopefully, diverse, shifting, changing, evolving, questioning itself and not getting too comfortable. I do not see the current navel-gazing we do, as individuals and collectively, as any kind of bad thing. Doubt keeps us on our toes. The need to explain and justify ourselves stops us… Continue reading What Do We Hope to Build?

Plant Healing

Walking the Circuit of the Land: Plant Allies and Cycles of Healing

Last winter I moved from the city to a small, rural town, seeking a deeper and more frequent connection with nature, quiet space for introspection, and a more flexible lifestyle (as the cost of living is much less out here). I arrived on Imbolc, raw from almost two years of misfortune and disconnection, and felt… Continue reading Walking the Circuit of the Land: Plant Allies and Cycles of Healing

Seasonal Celebrations

Summer Solstice and Ways to Celebrate

June 21 - June 22 Also called Alban Hefin or Midsummer in Welsh which means “the light of summer”. History: The summer solstice is a very ancient and special time when the sun is at it’s peak and again, likely one of the oldest celebrations on earth. The Northern hemisphere experiences the longest day of… Continue reading Summer Solstice and Ways to Celebrate

God and Goddess

Meaningful Connection to the Land

As pagans we aspire to be connected to the Earth to live harmoniously via a spiritual relationship with deity as we see it – be it goddess and god or various polytheistic forms. This would seem to be an aspiration of virtually all pagans – Wiccans, Druids, Shamans, Witches etc. and pagans who wear no… Continue reading Meaningful Connection to the Land

God and Goddess

The Luminous Plain: Images of the Ineffable

In previous posts, we discussed places within the earthly realms which were seen as portals to the Celtic Otherworld. We have also begun an initial discussion of the names and attributes of the inhabitants of the Otherworld. In this post we will explore the nature and appearance of the Otherworld realms, as they are described… Continue reading The Luminous Plain: Images of the Ineffable