The Politicisation of Paganism

Our forum is not supportive of racism, exclusion, intolerence or extremism, nor would we align ourselves with those that are. Instead, we support equal fairness under the law for all (a work in progress) and choose to live leading by example rather than shutting doors on anyone simply because of where they moderately land on… Continue reading The Politicisation of Paganism



List of Druidry or Celtic Pagan groups from around the world. Ireland Ireland's Druid School Irish Druid Network Belfast: Belfast Seed Group Kerry: Solas an Iarthair Kilkenny: An Cuallacht De Danann Northern Ireland: Grove of Danu Scotland Edinburgh: Druids of Caledon Dunedin Druid Grove Kippen: An Ceile De Orkney: Spiritual Orkney Wales Cheshire: Can y Gwynt Grove Anglesey Druid Order Northern Europe Denmark: International… Continue reading Connect

Discussion, Environmentalism

What Do We Hope to Build?

Where do I see Paganism in 50 years’ time? Hopefully, diverse, shifting, changing, evolving, questioning itself and not getting too comfortable. I do not see the current navel-gazing we do, as individuals and collectively, as any kind of bad thing. Doubt keeps us on our toes. The need to explain and justify ourselves stops us… Continue reading What Do We Hope to Build?

Plant Healing

Walking the Circuit of the Land: Plant Allies and Cycles of Healing

Last winter I moved from the city to a small, rural town, seeking a deeper and more frequent connection with nature, quiet space for introspection, and a more flexible lifestyle (as the cost of living is much less out here). I arrived on Imbolc, raw from almost two years of misfortune and disconnection, and felt… Continue reading Walking the Circuit of the Land: Plant Allies and Cycles of Healing