List of Druidry or Celtic Pagan groups from around the world. Ireland Ireland's Druid School Irish Druid Network Belfast: Belfast Seed Group Kerry: Solas an Iarthair Kilkenny: An Cuallacht De Danann Northern Ireland: Grove of Danu Scotland Edinburgh: Druids of Caledon Dunedin Druid Grove Kippen: An Ceile De Orkney: Spiritual Orkney Wales Cheshire: Can y Gwynt Grove Anglesey Druid Order Northern Europe Denmark: International… Continue reading Connect

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What Do We Hope to Build?

Where do I see Paganism in 50 years’ time? Hopefully, diverse, shifting, changing, evolving, questioning itself and not getting too comfortable. I do not see the current navel-gazing we do, as individuals and collectively, as any kind of bad thing. Doubt keeps us on our toes. The need to explain and justify ourselves stops us… Continue reading What Do We Hope to Build?

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Re-uniting The God and Goddess

Over the last two centuries there has been a gradual re-emergence of the feminine in modern human society. This began very slowly and gently and has gathered great pace in the last hundred years, the last fifty especially. With this revitalizing of women has also come the revitalizing of the many faces of the goddess… Continue reading Re-uniting The God and Goddess

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Sexuality and Druids

Before I start, let me point out this post is not going to be X-rated. Relationship is at the heart of Druidry. Now, aside from relationship with land, ancestors, spirit and all the other esoteric options out there, this also means we have every encouragement to think about relationships with each other. Generally speaking, paganism… Continue reading Sexuality and Druids