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What Do We Hope to Build?

Where do I see Paganism in 50 years’ time? Hopefully, diverse, shifting, changing, evolving, questioning itself and not getting too comfortable. I do not see the current navel-gazing we do, as individuals and collectively, as any kind of bad thing. Doubt keeps us on our toes. The need to explain and justify ourselves stops us… Continue reading What Do We Hope to Build?


Biodiversity Begins at Home

Most of us like the idea of biodiversity, eco-friendliness and boosting the environment but for many that does not extend beyond buying fairtrade coffee or going to the garden centre for a few bedding plants. What many people fail to realize is that all of us as individuals can make a huge impact on biodiversity… Continue reading Biodiversity Begins at Home

Discussion, Environmentalism

Forgotten Legacy: Fifty Years After ‘Silent Spring’

The fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Rachel Carson’s seminal work ‘Silent Spring’, was in 2012, published first in the USA in 1962. This was the first book of its kind – an outspoken, powerfully argued and well researched condemnation of the reckless use of pesticides in modern agriculture, in urban and rural pest control… Continue reading Forgotten Legacy: Fifty Years After ‘Silent Spring’