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Sources for Modern Druidry

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” -Scottish proverb A large question in the Celtic world not only with scholars, but those seeking Druidry as a spiritual path is in regards to where the information about the Celts and Druids derives from. How many times do we… Continue reading Sources for Modern Druidry


Appearance and Personality of Ancient Celts

The Celts were first and foremost a very neat and cleanly people. They are one of the cultures credited for inventing soap and based on first hand accounts preferred to bath at least every other day, if not once a day when possible. Water was understandably considered divine in being essential for our existence and… Continue reading Appearance and Personality of Ancient Celts


Class and Law System of Ancient Celts

Celtic society was mainly separated into three classes that were fairly typical of ancient societies at the time. At the top were the kings or chieftains, nobles and owners of the land. The middle class or “nemeth” meaning “sacred; the noble class of society” were the artisans, druids, ovates and bards. People in this class… Continue reading Class and Law System of Ancient Celts


Famous Leaders of Ancient Celts

Leaders ordered by date they appear in history. Onomaris Onomaris was a Galatian woman thought to have lived in the 4th century BCE. She was described in the short Greek work Tractatus De Mulieribus which was written by an anonymous author. In the text, fourteen famous ancient women are discussed. According to this text, her… Continue reading Famous Leaders of Ancient Celts


Druids and Religion of Ancient Celts

Druids were essentially the central religious figures, leaders, teachers, healers, judges and seers in Celtic society. The name druid may have meant “knowing the oak" and "philosophos" (philosopher) or “seer” depending on the language dialect and interpretation. As mentioned before, while a tribe's chieftain was considered their official leader, druid opinion was of the highest… Continue reading Druids and Religion of Ancient Celts


Warfare of Ancient Celts

The Celts were renowned for their fierceness and skilled used of weaponry. We can infer given their once large expanse that they simply would not have been as successful otherwise. To what extent did they destroy or allow conquered people to join their communities? We will never be completely certain but historical and genetic evidence… Continue reading Warfare of Ancient Celts