Psychology and Well-being

Everything We Need to Know is Already Here

If some stranger from unknown lands, or indeed some alien entity, should arrive in the midst of Western civilisation today; they could be forgiven for believing that the purpose of human existence is to make and spend money. For the most part, human lives are dominated by the need to work, to generate money for… Continue reading Everything We Need to Know is Already Here

Psychology and Well-being

Moving Towards a New Reality

As a child I instinctively rejected the way I saw the world going, in fact I remember arguing with my parents around the age of 11 or 12 about what life is meant to be about.  I was rather dismissive I suppose of those that have laboured for an average car, average house and all… Continue reading Moving Towards a New Reality

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Re-uniting The God and Goddess

Over the last two centuries there has been a gradual re-emergence of the feminine in modern human society. This began very slowly and gently and has gathered great pace in the last hundred years, the last fifty especially. With this revitalizing of women has also come the revitalizing of the many faces of the goddess… Continue reading Re-uniting The God and Goddess

Psychology and Well-being

Shining Your Light in the Darkness

These are dark times that we are living in both in a literal sense due to the winter time (in the northern hemisphere) and also in a metaphorical sense due to the unprecedented changes that are occurring in human society at the moment. The cycles of the year are predictable, winters may be harder than… Continue reading Shining Your Light in the Darkness

Psychology and Well-being

Becoming the Person You Were Meant to Be

When you were young did you have an image in your mind of the person you might grow up to be? You had hopes and dreams and some of those became a reality while others became just a distant memory. When you look at yourself now and remember the person you had hoped to be… Continue reading Becoming the Person You Were Meant to Be