Seasonal Celebrations

Samhain Approaching

As I sit here, writing this, the rain taps at the window, the wind howling down the street, carrying with it the scent of winter and the first of the autumn leaves. The sky is fast moving and furious – low dark grey clouds set amidst a backdrop of pure white/grey.  The central heating has… Continue reading Samhain Approaching


The Naked Form

Beltane is fast approaching – the house martins are back, the bluebells are coming out, the earth underfoot is soft and the air is turning warmer. Many thoughts are turning to the coming summer, the long days, the short nights, the summer clothes, or lack thereof. I’ve heard it said that Beltane arrives when it… Continue reading The Naked Form

Discussion, Environmentalism

Forgotten Legacy: Fifty Years After ‘Silent Spring’

The fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Rachel Carson’s seminal work ‘Silent Spring’, was in 2012, published first in the USA in 1962. This was the first book of its kind – an outspoken, powerfully argued and well researched condemnation of the reckless use of pesticides in modern agriculture, in urban and rural pest control… Continue reading Forgotten Legacy: Fifty Years After ‘Silent Spring’


Modern Druidry in Ireland

Over the last twenty years there has been a slow and steady increase in paganism in Ireland which has gathered pace in the last decade. Wicca, introduced to Ireland by Janet and Stewart Farah, is perhaps more established than any other form of paganism here, although Druidry (also encouraged by the Farahs) has grown significantly… Continue reading Modern Druidry in Ireland

Seasonal Celebrations

The Blessing of Imbolc

Imbolc is fast approaching. Here in my garden in the UK, the crocuses are starting to come out, and a lone daffodil stands courageously amidst the dried, chopped stalks of last year’s growth. Traditionally, it was the time when the ewes began to lactate, providing much needed milk for the farmers whose food stores were… Continue reading The Blessing of Imbolc