Seasonal Celebrations

Samhain Approaching

As I sit here, writing this, the rain taps at the window, the wind howling down the street, carrying with it the scent of winter and the first of the autumn leaves. The sky is fast moving and furious – low dark grey clouds set amidst a backdrop of pure white/grey.  The central heating has… Continue reading Samhain Approaching

Seasonal Celebrations

Samhain History and Modern Ways to Celebrate

October 31st - November 1st The word Samhain, Samhuinn or Samhainn is pronounced sa-win. Samhain means "summer's end". Representative of our ancestors, death and balance. History:  The Celtic year began with Samhain as did the winter season. It marked the end of the lighter half of the year and thus was considered the beginning. Vegetation… Continue reading Samhain History and Modern Ways to Celebrate